Kanayo: "My first Growth Box!"

Kanayo shares her thought's on her very first Growth Box!

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Kanayo is a Christian blogger, speaker and worship leader - this young woman is such an inspiration to many. It is refreshing to see her passion for the Lord, she is a true joy to be around and we want to share some of her great resources with you.

Looking for a fresh way to study the Bible? Why not try one of Kanayo's amazing Bible Challenges? 

Bible challenges go beyond reading because we share our understanding of The Word with each other. Kanayo Dike-Oduah has written several Bible Challenge devotionals for the world’s number 1 Bible App: YouVersion, her personal blog and journals. These challenges focus on key books in the Bible and brings light to them through a 21st century lens whilst maintaining the core essence of God’s heart towards us. The Bible Challenges started in 2013 with the aim of making reading the Bible fun, approachable and accessible for the youthful generation without diluting the content of His word. Since then, over 100,000 people around the world have completed a Bible Challenge!  

What sets the Bible challenges apart from other popular devotionals is the call to share what you have read on social media using the designated hashtag. In a world where sharing profane words and images is celebrated, it’s about time that Christians flood their timelines with the truth and hope of God’s beautiful love letter to us – the Bible. The aim is that as you complete the Bible challenges, you will fall in love with the Bible and fall in love with The Author; God.

So if you haven’t already, consider completing a Bible challenge. There is one for everyone and remember to share your devotional time with your social media family. Here is a list of the Bible Challenges available via the plans section on the YouVersion Bible App:

  • Esther challenge
  • Ruth challenge
  • Jonah challenge
  • Joseph challenge
  • Samson challenge

More Bible challenges available via doctorkanayo.com

Finally, if you struggle to read your Bible, check out Kanayo’s blog post titled: Help…I Have Bible Reading Issues!