I just signed up for THE GROWTH BOX subscription! What will I receive?

Welcome to THE GROWTH BOX family :) In each box, you will receive 4-6 resources that support spiritual growth, products from different brands that are focused on ethical and sustainable production, donate a percent of profits to charity, or aim to inspire and empower others.


What is the aim of THE GROWTH BOX?

Our aim with each box is to curate a selection of products that are inspiring, uplifting and meaningful — which encourage you to be the best version of you, and introduce you to organisations that are making a positive impact in our world. This is a subscription that adds value — and THE GROWTH BOX community is one that you will be proud to be a part of.


Who is THE GROWTH BOX for?

THE GROWTH BOX is for anyone and everyone with a desire to give, grow and develop. Our boxes are focussed on supporting spiritual growth and personal development.


When can I expect my first shipment?

If we aren't sold out of our current box, we will ship out within three weeks of when you begin your membership.


When will I receive my GROWTH BOX following the first shipment?

For subsequent boxes we ship at the beginning of each new quarter. You will receive an email notification when your box has been shipped!


What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel their GROWTH BOX subscription(s) at any time. There is no cancellation fee, simply send us an email and we’ll take it from there.


When will I be billed for my GROWTH BOX subscription?

If you order today, you will be billed right away to reserve your membership. After that, you be billed on the same day in the next quarter or year depending on your subscription. Of course, you can cancel any time before the billing cycle renews.


How do I get my product in THE GROWTH BOX?

We’d love to hear how your product and company is making our world better! Email info@thegrowthbox.co.uk and tell us a bit about your company!


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